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We're the longest running campaign game around (we've been going strong since the mid 1980s).

Currently there are two Universes in operation.

Universe 10 is run by Mike Incavo. The game started in Y174 and turns are running about every 5 weeks. It is a General War game with a twist (extra empires and other things). To make life easier to ask questions, the rules committee players are on different teams (Neutral, Grand Alliance, Coalition).

Universe 9 is run by John Berg. It is a continuation/soft reboot of Universe 7 (which was a soft reboot of Universe 5) and is portraying the Galactic Conquest style Andromedia invasion and Operation Unity.

Rules answers and errata for the version 5 rule set.

These are post V6 techs, answers to questions, and errata for the version 6 rule set.

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Previous Games

Universe 1 was run by John Berg.
Historical maps for Universe 1.

Universe 2 was run by Mike Incavo. The General War started a bit ahead of schedule and it may all be the fault of the Inter-Stellar Concordium!
Historical maps for Universe 2.

Universe 3 was run jointly by John and Mike. The Andromedans have invaded our galaxy and for once the galaxy is united in the face of these invaders.
But can the Andromedans persuade a Galactic Power to betray the others?
Historical maps for Universe 3.

Universe 4 was run by Mike Incavo. Mike's games tend to start with a much smaller empires, more open space, and custom maps for each empire that only show what they know about (vs. the galactic-wide maps you see in John's games or the F&E map). Eventually empires trade map data or otherwise enough data to have a unified map, but the game didn't progress that far due to a disk crash. :-(

Universe 5 was run by John Berg. The game started in Y160. By Y175 things were heating up with what looks to be the start the our version of the General War in its opening stages.

About a third of the empires are actively engaged in the conflict, with several more suspected of acting behind the scenes...

The game ended in Y180 with the fall of the ISC to the FRAX and the Drex a few turns from complete collapse to the FRAX and their allies.
Historical maps for Universe 5.

Universe 7 as run by John Berg. It is a continuation of Universe 5 and is portraying the Galactic Conquest style Andromedia invasion. It didn't go quite as expected, so a second soft reboot was done...
Historical maps for Universe 7.

Universe 6 was run by Mike Incavo. The game started in Y155 and turns ran about one every other month. It was a free campaign, with a large number of NPC empires. There appeared to be two "Big Bad" empires in play as of the early Y170s. It is unclear if they are NPCs or played by unknown players. The game ended in Y175.
Current and historical maps for Universe 6.

Universe 8 is run by Mike Incavo. The game started in Y140 and turns ran about every 5 weeks until Y153. It was a free campaign, with a large number of NPC empires. The map was double blind so there are not any maps available from the in progress parts of the game.
Final map for Universe 8.